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Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as your pet begins to chew on things around them they are ready to chew toys. Typically this is about 2 months of age. However, we do always suggest you talk with your Vet about when to add chew toys. 

Yes, but we do suggest all new toys be given with supervision. 

They are! They easily break down. They are only treated with real fruit and fruit juice and the rope is also eco-friendly. Just throw what is left of your toys (excluding the kabob metal holders) into your compost and it will disappear.

We have had toys stay colorful and tasty to small pets years after being sold. But we do suggest you use them within a year.

Many of our items offer a custom option. If you are looking for something that we don’t have listed, just send us an email at

Our toys are great for their need to chew and wear down their teeth. Our toys are safe to ingest but if you do have a small pet who ingests more than they leave behind (we suggest you see a small pile of wood shavings near their toys), then we suggest offering the toy for a while and then removing it.. You can always offer it again another day. Many of our customers report they do this with success and the toys stay interesting (and actually last longer).

Our process for flavoring and drying is proprietary. We originally began making toys back in 2008 and we took a few years to perfect the process. Our methods have changed very little since then.

We support many rescues (CHRS, DHRS, OHRR, SDHRS, SE PA/DE HRS, HRS, BunnyPeople, HopTo It Rabbit Rescue, BinkyOn Rabbit Rescue, LA Animal Services, F5RS, The Charitable Rabbit, and many more) in the US with monetary and toy donations. Last year we sent almost $10,000 in donations to our rescues. If you are a part of a small pet rescue in the US and would like to be added to our donation list, just send us an email and we can put you in our rotation of donations. We do not have any type of program for donations, we just send toys periodically and as requested throughout the year.

We do! Please send an email with a link to your business and what you are interested in selling.